About Us

Subculture is India’s first homegrown Kink brand that aims to bridge the gap between fashion, fetish & function.

At Subculture, we emphasise both the quality of the materials and craftsmanship. The products are handcrafted in a rustic village of Rajasthan by local craftsmen who employ traditional leather-making methods and techniques. We also promote handcrafted and made-in-India accessories that have been locally and responsibly sourced.

Subculture is the Minotaur that is within all of us. Strong, bold, and confident. At the core of the brand are the celebration of pleasure, fantasy, romance, and eroticism. Drawing inspiration from our heritage that is replete with references to eroticism, sexual pleasure, sexual fulfilment, and sexual fantasy, the products at Subculture aim to bridge the gap between fantasy, leather fetish fashion, and utility.

Subculture is a homegrown label exploring leather as kink. Products showcasing leather fetish fashion and kink as a lifestyle can be found in several markets worldwide, however, their presence in the Indian market is scarce. We aim to fill this void in the Indian market.