How do you put on latex clothing?

Tips for putting on latex rubber clothing yourself

Tip 1

Before you start, put a large towel or old sheet on the floor.

After all, you want to go to that super fun kinky party and not to the first aid because you slipped while putting on your new latex catsuit. Because if you spill a few drops later, the floor can become super slippery.

Tip 2

First lubricate the latex rubber clothing with silicone lubricant.

This can be Vivishine, BeGloss, Eros or our own shine and lubricant. It doesn't really matter which product you use as long as it glides (and is water-based and silicone-based, so don't get started with the olive oil or baby oil etc.). You can also rub your body.

Tip 3

Take a good look at the latex garment before putting it on.

Where are the seams? Where is the zipper? And with stockings where are the toes and heel? Because you have to position it in the right place immediately. Turning and correcting the latex afterwards is very difficult and can be at the expense of your outfit.

Tip 4

Do you have long nails?

Then let someone else dress you up, because an accident can happen. But also people with short nails should pay attention. Always nails to the skin and not to the latex! You can also put on gloves (NOT latex of course).

Tip 5

How do you put on latex shirts and blouses?

You put on latex shirts and blouses as you would with regular clothing, but before closing the zipper, make sure the seams are in the right place. So shoulder seam on the shoulder. Close armpits properly. Where necessary, you can now "mess around" so that everything is in the right place. Finally, close the zipper or close the press studs, etc.

Tip 6

How do you put on a latex dress?

Latex dresses are worn in the same way as a blouse, so seams on the right plate. And you can wear a dress with wires like that. And you bend over to place the breasts in the bust area. Just lift your hand under the chest and lift it up so that it sits just over the brace. Then they are neatly in place!

Tip 7

How do you put on latex clothes without a closure?

Latex clothing without a closure is of course more difficult to put on. So don't be too sparing with lube. Rather too much ViviDress than too little. Depending on your own stature (chest size, waist and hip size) you determine whether you step IN the dress or put it on over the head. Make sure the latex is always moved or unrolled evenly.

Tip 8

How do you put on latex rubber leggings, stockings or a latex catsuit?

You put on latex leggings like you would put on tights. You do need a chair or the edge of your bed. Roll the leggings up to the feet (so you have one latex leg in your hands). Start with the toes (they can also be sharp, so cut / file your nails first). Then the heel and then you strip the leggings to the knee. Then the other leg. And then roll both left and right up and down bit by bit. Make sure the latex legging (or catsuit) fits well in the crotch. And then the rest up. With a flat hand in the latex (nails on the skin) you can move the latex a bit.

And last but not least

In the beginning it is always difficult to put on latex clothing for the first time. The reason is that latex sticks to the skin and then stays there. It is therefore difficult to move. You can pull on the latex, but the chance of tearing is of course very high. So patience is a virtue and let someone else help you. And here too 'practice makes perfect'.