Helm of The Night is an extended design collection of Culture by Subculture. Diving further into the fetish-wear culture of India, Subculture introduces jockstraps, corsets, chokers, gags, floggers, crops, harnesses etc., in the second collection.

  • Alice Corset

    Regular price Rs. 8,999.00
    Regular price Sale price Rs. 8,999.00
    Alice CorsetAlice Corset
  • Subculture Dune Jockstraps

    Regular price Rs. 4,999.00
    Regular price Sale price Rs. 4,999.00
    Subculture Dune JockstrapsSubculture Dune Jockstraps
  • Iris Flogger

    Regular price Rs. 3,499.00
    Regular price Sale price Rs. 3,499.00
    Iris Flogger
  • Peter Harness

    Regular price Rs. 4,999.00
    Regular price Sale price Rs. 4,999.00
    Peter HarnessPeter Harness
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Culture by Subculture is the very first debut design collection of fetish-wear in India featuring bralettes, thongs, harnesses, paddles, hand-cuffs, restraints, etc..

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Helm of The Night

  • Umang

    I have always been interested in leather kink. And when I found out about Subculture selling leather fetish products in India, I wished to order one for myself. I ordered a chest harness and I love it. The finish and quality is excellent. I wish they bring in more product range and I will keep ordering.

  • Mrinal

    "I had been looking for a brand to buy some accessories and fetish wear for a while in India, when I came across the Subculture brand launch a year ago. I was ecstatic to see a homegrown brand doing leather gear and fetish wear. The Subculture leather harness is one of my favourite accessories. Thank you for creating great products as well as a space and increased awareness for kink wear and accessories!"

  • Karan

    I received Subculture’s Leather harness recently , This is the best harness. The quality is unsurpassed. The leather soft and supple. The fit right on. The buckles are easy to use.

    I am no leather expert but it’s doesn’t take an expert to know it’s great work. I am so pleased.

  • Harry

    It a was love at first sight... I enjoy learning new things about myself, my sexuality, and my sensuality, and I feel that BDSM has shown me and given me a safe space and that was made possible by you guys…this brand is not just a leather accessories brand but a whole statement and sexual liberation…so happy to found you guys.

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