Care Instructions

Every piece at SUBCULTURE is hand-crafted from the highest quality leather and non-corrosive/non-reactive hardware sourced carefully . All of our pieces are unique, designed and made in a village of Rajasthan, India.

Here is how to handle and care for your leather products:

At SUBCULTURE we select only the top grade vegetable tanned leather. We stand behind our leathers, and we are justifiably proud of the quality of the hides and workmanship involved in making each piece. The shades of the leather used in our pieces are achieved by tanning. As a part of this process, bright or dark colours may transfer onto lighter fabrics and objects. Shades may vary due to natural tanning process.

All leather products need regular maintenance to ensure their lasting appeal and durability. Leather is a skin and like your own skin needs cleaning and nourishing. Continual contact with moisture (sweat, water, etc.) can cause stiffening. In the case of sweat/water, the article should be wiped down immediately with a dry cloth. Leather should never dried in front of a direct heat source. Leather should be dried while laid flat at room temperature. Definitely out of direct sunlight although sunshine is the best defence against mildew & mould. Oils and oil-baised lubricants can be difficult to remove. A grease dissolving washing powder in a few tablespoon of water, rubbed slowly into the spots can help in their removal. 

Most buckles, rivets, studs, rings and other accessories are nickel plated with the exception of chain which are aluminium. The chances of hardware rusting are low given they are cleaned and kept out of moisture, but over a course of time rusting might occur. Fittings to be cleaned regularly or cleaned after contact with moisture to avoid rusting. Rusting can be removed with Chrome cleaner.

Best to store in a completely dry area. Ensuring your item is fully dried before storing. Store your leather away from sunlight, in a cloth garment bag or ventilated trunk. Do not store in a sealed plastic container, as this may cause mould to grow; Leather needs to breathe.