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Subculture Unisex Fetish-Fashion Chain Harness Set

Subculture Unisex Fetish-Fashion Chain Harness Set

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Subculture Fetish-Fashion Chain Harness Set is handmade with smooth genuine leather and quality hardwares and chains. The Set features a Chest harness and a Waist Harness. The Chest Harness piece features the neck collar with fastening buckle and three D connectors at the front connecting three straps of leather held together by array of chains. The centre strap also features an O-ring at the bottom.
The Waist Harness features four O-Rings and a fastening buckle at the back. All the four rings features array of chains connected to each other.

-Measurement refers to your Chest and Waist Size.

-Handmade in India.

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